Kid Kash Shoots On British Wrestling Promoter, Says Promoter Is ‘Full Of Sh*t’

Kid Kash revealed that he is currently dealing with some issues with a Wrestling Promoter based over in the UK. Kash was scheduled to appear at WrestleMidlands on May 24th as part of the “Wrestle Midlands Mania” event taking place in Dudley, UK.

Kash released the following statement on Twitter:

“Sorry to all my Fans but to confirm again @WrestleMidlands I’m not appearing as TOM the promoter is full of shit and never paid my deposit. Tom didn’t hold up his part of the financial agreement or travel agreement but he choice to keep my face on his poster to draw Fans. To anyone who has been contacted by Tom to work for him just say no ask @KINGCorino (Steve Corino) who also got screwed by @WrestleMidlands.”

Kash also mentioned that the promoter lied three times about transferring his deposit over and may reveal the proof online.