Kofi Kingston Reflects On His Career With The WWE

Kofi Kingston recently spoke with WWE.com about various topics. Here are the highlights.

WWE.COM: How does it feel to be a 10-year veteran?

KOFI KINGSTON: It’s really, really cool. Ten years is a long time. I always tell people when you’re with WWE for a while, it starts to become the thing you’ve done the longest. It used to be, high school was four years, then college was four years, you worked at a certain job for two years and another job for another two years, then all of a sudden, you’re here … for 10 years? It’s a really weird feeling. I remember when I debuted; it feels like just yesterday, but at the same time, it feels forever ago. It’s like this bizarre time warp. But I’m grateful to be one of the guys that’s been here for that long.

WWE.COM: You’ve said before that you would rather focus on the future than look back on the past. Coming up on 10 years, however, do you find yourself reflecting on specific moments or achievements despite that mindset?

KOFI: Not necessarily specific moments, just the amount of time. Like I said, 10 years is a long time to do anything. Some of the things I think about are some of the guys I’ve been co-workers with who are no longer here. Take Shelton Benjamin for example. He was the guy who I started having my rivalries with when I first debuted, and then he left. And then I started doing stuff with a whole bunch of other people, and now he’s back. I’ve been here that whole time. I feel like I’ve actually been employed with the company longer than Shelton Benjamin as a whole, and that’s weird because I still look to Shelton as this veteran. Obviously, he’s been doing this for longer than I have, but it’s strange that I’ve been in the company longer than he has. The whole thing is really bizarre to me.

WWE.COM: You’re coming off of one of New Day’s best years yet. What’s next for you guys?

KOFI: The next step is to keep climbing the ladder. Every year. I think it’s been four years — which is crazy to even think about; it’s been four years or almost four years that I’ve been with The New Day. That, legitimately, feels like yesterday that we were trying so hard and desperately fighting for our jobs to get on television. And now here we are with pancakes and unicorn horns and “who” chants. But we’re always just looking forward.