Kofi Kingston Talks About WWE Having Few Black Champions, Says It’s Not a Racial Thing

Kofi Kingston recently spoke with IndyWeek.com to promote Friday’s WWE live event in Raleigh. He talked about WWE’s lack of black champions:

“People always say, ‘Oh, there haven’t been many black champions,’ but on the other hand, there are a whole lot of white people that never won a belt either. These days, I think it’s less of a racial thing. I honestly believe that if you are able to entertain and interact with the crowd, it doesn’t matter what ethnicity you may be. [WWE] will reward you.”

  • Husky Chipmunk

    The most corporate answer I have ever heard he is out for a check.

    • ConsoleGaminglololol

      You are correct, sir

  • TheUndertaker21

    but overall I can say that WWE is kind of racist, because till now there is no black WWE Champions, I think that Mark Henry, Booker T at least deserved it that WWE Title! that’s my opinion on that.

  • Bryan Thomas

    Shut up Kofi lol. Even if it was a racist thing. Who cares? All you can do is laugh at it. The motherfuckers who are racist also probably think that they’re on the right path with god. No matter what color you are, If you are racist, then i say fuck your way of thinking and your god

  • ConsoleGaminglololol

    Kofi with the Ultimate House Slave Damage Control