Kurt Angle Announces That TNA’s Television Title Is Now Inactive

TNA announced the following:

“Kurt Angle was named as the Executive Director of TNA Wrestling this past week on Impact Live by the TNA Board of Directors and he’s already making changes. Effective today – the TNA World TV Title is now inactive.

What does this mean? We reached out to Kurt Angle for a comment.

Kurt – “The TV Title was left dormant by the Dixie Carter and MVP administrations for over a year. Taking over as Executive Director has required me to fix issues they left behind. Championships are the reward of competition inside the ring between wrestlers striving to be the best. As of now, the TV Title is inactive. I’m looking for our roster to step up their level of competition and wrestle on a higher level for the World Heavyweight, X-Division, Knockout and World Tag Team Championships.””

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    I see TNA is already going back to it’s ‘roots’

  • Dave Macleod

    So it took this long for Kurt to say what we all pretty much knew already? What a waste.

  • jmull

    Good. The need for a TV title is long gone. Everything is on TV these days, unlike the old territory days.