Kurt Angle Arrested Following Thursday Night’s TNA Impact Wrestling – Mig Shot Included

TNA star Kurt Angle was arrested on a Driving While Intoxicated charge early Friday morning following the TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping in Wichita Falls, Tex.

Angle was charged with his second DWI offense and released on $2,000 bond at the Texas Wise Country Jail.

Angle was arrested in September 2011 for Driving Under the Influence charge in Virginia. Angle was fined $1,500.

  • Janet Matthews

    goes to show you never know about people!! suppose to be an upstanding person who signs autographs for kids!!?

  • James Adams

    everyone has ghost .. Kurt is a great person … everyone makes mistakes .. lets not judge him so harshly .. Kurt prob just needs help .. just glad no one was hurt .. with people dieing everyday from drunk driving related deals .. let just hope he gets the help he needs ..

  • James Master

    Kurt’s defense: somebody hacked his bloodstream

  • Landon Morris


  • Linda Partington

    Hope he learns not to drink and drive from this incident. I imagine the guys must have been celebrating after the show. Probably could have happened to any one of them. Luckily nobody was hurt.

  • sami

    what is wrong with these guys my god get your shit together

  • Dylan Milosavljevic

    Not good at all

  • Edward Garcia

    how dumn can you be by drinking and driving.i do not want to see wrestlers get special treatment.he should have a driver with all his money.he should also loose his license since this is his second time.

  • Joseph Diaz

    Stop bad mouthing! He is just a regular person like everyone else! People don’t be to quick to cast the first stone.