Kurt Angle Calls Out CM Punk Again, Takes Shot At John Cena & Deletes Tweets

Despite claiming he has put his earlier comments to rest and apologizing to WWE and TNA fans, writing, “I apologize to Tna and Wwe fans for My Comment. I don’t expect Punk to apologize to Tna. But I’m sorry.respect4thebiz.” Kurt Angle continued to rant on CM Punk.

Angle posted several tweets before deleting all of them. Angle claimed that he could “take out” John Cena in 45 seconds, and that a match between him and Punk would last only 30 seconds.

“Who Wants to See Angle vs. Punk?,” Angle wrote. “It would Last 30 Secs. Lol. Just Kidding. I’m not Mad anymore. Punk, Ur Safe Now… Put It to Rest. Angle vs. Punk will Happen. Tna or Wwe. I Hope Tna. We’ll See. U tough Punk?

“If Tna is an Indy Company, then Why Do I Make More $ than Punk Does in Wwe? I’m just Saying.”

UPDATE: Kurt Angle responded to PWMania.com’s report above, “Comments on pwmania Were Jokes! I Have the Utmost Respect for Cena. And Also for Punk. I Guess U can’t Joke on twitter. #letitgo” Angle tweeted.

  • jackson

    Kurt is truly one sad human being.

  • KniteMare

    Kurt rules =D

  • saManPrince

    Kurt is an Olympic Winner men… Angle’s amazing too and could kick Punk’s ass in real life, but give Punk his due.

  • saManPrince

    Heh … CM PUNK is better ? Just a kiddin !
    kurt is a hero an can beat anyone he wants

  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.m.cardarelli ChristopherMichael ApexViper C

    First I think Kurt was a little upset that Punk didnt mention or even phase him!! To Kurt, punk is right!! Kurt second rated show who need a challenge!! But that Kurt fault for being that organization!! Now to say Kurt could be punk or cena in less than a minute I highy doubt it but to say that he can beat cm punk!! I would put my money on Kurt!! But if he loses against punk maybe it tell Kurt that he finally needs to retire!! But then again I don’t see Kurt losing that match!! Mmm I see better chance with d. Bryan more than punk!!

  • WrestlePop

    Kurt is a excellent wrestler, but he is also STILL a drug addict..He recently went on Jim Ross Podcast and said he was “clean” that is a lie. He was just buying pills 2 days ago