Kurt Angle Comments On WWE Return, Goldust Reveals New Favorite Moment & Talks New Moves

– A fan on Twitter liked another fan’s YouTube video about Kurt Angle wanting to return to WWE and asked Angle if it was true. Angle replied:

PE.com spoke with Goldust to promote Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings in Ontario, California and he talked about how he’s been trying new moves in the ring and named teaming with Cody against The Shield at last October’s Battleground pay-per-view as his favorite moment:

“I want to do something that I’ve never done. Something that everyone looks at and says ‘Goldust can’t do that. Oh my God, Goldust just did that!’ And leave them with ‘I can’t believe Goldust just did that, that is awesome!’”

“Nothing has topped that in this business,” Goldust said. “Before that it was ‘Wrestlemania 12’ with Roddy Piper. That stood in first place for years and years. Then at ‘Battleground’ against The Shield, I was trying to win our jobs back with my dad in our corner. That is my all-time top right there. Nothing has topped that and I believe nothing will.”

  • tsatsa123

    i wish he commented “oh it’s true, it’s damn true”

  • Mordecai

    Dusty should be extremely proud seeing his two boys teaming up together.