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Kurt Angle Finished With TNA?, TNA Talent Looking To Jump To ROH Or GFW?

- Kurt Angle may pretty much be done with TNA since he will be out for several months because of reconstructive surgery as opposed to arthroscopic surgery. Angle says that this will keep him out for five months so that means he’s out until mid-October. His deal with TNA expires in September. TNA is not advertising him for the UK tour for this coming January so that looks to be an indication that he won’t be around when his deal expires.

Angle has talked about going back to WWE but it’s impossible for him to work their full time schedule. WWE has not shown interest in him in the past but people have talked about him possibly being a trainer at NXT but that may not be lucrative enough for Angle. If Jeff Jarrett has solid backers it’s possible he could sign with Global Force Wrestling. GFW is looking for newer, lower priced wrestlers, but the company will need some “names” to help boost their roster so Angle might fit the bill. People in TNA say not to read into this that he’s 100% gone from the company, however. Angle has been working without an ACL for years on one of his knees.

– A lot of the TNA roster has contacted ROH and Jeff Jarrett about work because there’s more nervousness as each week passes without a new television deal announced. For the record, when I asked someone at TNA offices this week what the status was with their deal with Spike is, the answer I was given was “there is nothing new to report.”

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  • Adnan

    what, so wwe is willing to bring back Batista for short term periods, but not Kurt Angle possibly the best wrestler not in WWE, I am sure he would be willing to work all Raws and PPVs for the whole year, plus there are some serious money making matches that are possible, like Angle v Bryan, Angle v Cesaro, Angle v Rollins, Angle v Cena (when Kurt left John was just starting to become top dog), Angle v Orton, Angle v Lesnar.

    • theripperdannyb

      Did you fail to read the report? Angle is not willing to work a full time schedule, and if he assumes that because Rock and Lesnar manage it he can, then he’s a little late to the party. Not that I dont want to see him in WWE, I do, but he cant have everything the way he wants it.

      • Adnan

        Yeah I read the report, but I think a full time schedule to Kurt Angle means working every WWE show, including live shows per week, I think he would want the deal Shawn Michaels had towards the end of his career

        • theripperdannyb

          Probably, working only televised shows, and ideally not wrestling on all of them. Not ideal for them at the moment. They’d probably be happy to take him on as a Lesnar kind of deal, a couple of matches in the year (especially as thats what it looks like Sting will be doing), but not all the tv time for none of the work.

      • Necro

        Batista isn’t working full time! RVD isn’t full time! BROCK ISN’T FULL TIME!

  • Necro

    If WWE doesn’t bring back Kurt Angle it will be the biggest slap of the face to him and the fans. Bring him back WWE, please.

  • Mark Charlie-Sheen Coburn

    WWE should stay well away from Angle for anything more than a short program. He left on bad terms after they tried to get him to go into rehab….then ended up still having to pay for it while he worked for a “rival” company. Angles problems are on-going, not resolved. If he’s clean for a couple of years, by all means bring him back for a match. I’d be interested to see if he would even get through a WWE medical and drugs test atm though

    • Necro

      He doesn’t have that time for “years.” He’s 45 years old.