Kurt Angle Says He’s Open To A WWE Return Before He Retires

TNA star Kurt Angle was interviewed by Alfonso Castillo of Newsday.com and spoke about returning to TNA’s main event picture soon:

“This is a nice little break, but I’m getting ready to step and get back in the front seat. By no means am I ready to retire. I’m doing this to help the company. But pretty soon, I’ll be back in the main event mix.”

Angle also spoke about the possibility of returning to WWE before he reties, saying that anything’s possible:

“Since these guys wrestle part-time, obviously it’s appealing. But that’s what I do in Impact Wrestling now,” Angle said. “My loyalty is with Impact Wrestling right now. I can’t think about it yet until my contract is up. But is there a possibility (of returning to WWE)? You can’t throw anything off the table.”

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