Kurt Angle Says He’s Signed A New 3-Year Deal With TNA

During an interview with Movieline.com earlier this week at the Los Angeles premiere of his new film Warrior, Kurt Angle announced that he recently signed a new 3-year deal with TNA Wrestling.

When asked about how much he was acting prior to entering the world of professional wrestling, Angle said:

“I was taking classes and I was getting very serious about it. I was also sportscasting — I was a sportscaster in Pittsburgh for Fox, just trying to get in front of the camera a little bit. Then pro wrestling came around and I took a shot at that, and I didn’t realize I was going to become that good.”

He continued, “I made a lot of money, thank God, and I stuck with it, but every time I had a movie where my name would come up for some reason, I wasn’t allowed to do it due to scheduling reasons in the WWE. So with TNA, they give me the opportunity to go ahead and do movies and if it conflicts with the schedule they work around it. It’s a much better situation for me. So I actually signed a new three-year deal today with TNA. I’m going to stick with TNA.

Angle also spoke about following in The Rocks footsteps from WWE to Hollywood, the MMA industry and more.