Kurt Angle Speaks On New TNA Going Live, Facing King Mo & More

Jeremy Borash recently interviewed Kurt Angle for TNA’s Youtube channel. Here are the highlights.

On TNA going live at 8 PM on May 31st: “I think 8 PM live is the best thing TNA could do. There’s nothing like being in front of a live crowd with live TV. The whole world is watching. It definitely separates the pros from the amateurs. Doing it every week live is going to be incredible for the company.

“I love the time slot: 8 to 10. We’re going to be able to really monitor the younger viewers, the kids and appease them as well as we have the adults. So, I think our ratings are going to do nothing but go up.

“… I love being live. That’s why on a pay-per-view or any live TV, I always amp it up. I have to because I know you can’t make any mistakes. You got to go out there and you’ve got to nail it. You’ve got one take and one shot. If anybody is the best at it, it’s Kurt Angle. [Laughs.]”

On TNA’s signing of professional wrestler/MMA fighter Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal: “Just text him last night. I’m excited about him to TNA: Impact Wrestling. Well-known fighter, world class wrestler. He’s got a lot of spunk to him, a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of fire. I’m really excited.

“He wants to take it one step at a time. I think that’s important. He wants to learn the business. He wants to learn how to professional wrestle. He asked me to be in his corner during his Bellator fights and he’ll be in my corner — probably — here in TNA.”

On potentially facing King Mo in a TNA ring: “I think that’s inevitable. With his talent, I think he’s going to catch on very quickly. With him being a world class wrestler and being on the world team, being a three time national champion, it only fits wrestling an Olympic gold medalist.

“I’m looking forward to it. I think that he could be the next rising star if he plays his cards right.”

On Brooke Hogan joining the TNA Wrestling family: “[Laughs.] I think it’s great for wrestling. Brooke is probably one of the most, well-know, reality TV stars out there. She can only add credibility for TNA.

“It was funny, because when she was shooting some SpikeTV I.D.s, she said, ‘Dad, wait. Stay here and watch me rip my shirt off.’ [Laughs.] So, hey, all the fans out there might get the chance to see Brooke rip here shirt off except without the bra. [Laughs.] … Ratings go up!'”