Kurt Angle Talks About Why Sting Didn’t Sign with TNA, Angle’s Health, More On Angle & WWE

PWMania.com reported that Kurt Angle revealed on the latest Ross Report with Jim Ross that he has not signed a contract renewal with TNA because he’s weighing his options. Angle said he thinks he’ll be ready to wrestle in October but admitted that he’s not able to compete like he used to and feels a lot of aches and pains, especially since he’s not using pain medication now.

Regarding Sting, Angle said he heard Sting did not like the contract renewal that TNA offered him last year. Angle said Sting still does not want to give up his career. Angle added that he would love to see Sting have a run in WWE.

The general feeling in JR’s conversation with Angle is that he wants to end his career in WWE.

  • Mrs.Ambrose #TeamAmbrose

    Come back to WWE Kurt Angle.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Angle vs Bryan

    Angle vs Cesaro

    Angle vs Swagger

    The possibilities are endless, i just hope he stays clean and healthy before contacting the WWE.

  • Tiny

    Bring Angle back to wwe but he’s beat up so keep him away from the title picture and have his fued with people like Bryan and Swagger, a swagger fued would work really well with the whole real Americans gimmick

  • HBK33

    Angle vs Rusev

  • Kurama91

    would be super cool to see Angle back. Angle’s Fued with Brock and Taker is one the BEST in the entire WWE History. oh man!! Miss those old days!