Lana Threatens Brock Lesnar, Backstage Talk On The Status Of Rusev vs. Jack Swagger, More

It’s said again, following last night’s RAW, that the feud between Rusev and Jack Swagger may have been dropped already. On RAW, WWE made mention of Swagger tapping out to Rusev at Battleground, even though their match ended in a count out, which likely was to set up a rematch.

It’s possible the feud is being dropped due to the heat on Lana for her promo at Battleground, which is why WWE had The Great Khali interrupt her promo on RAW before she could even get started.

On a related note, Lana tweeted the following after Brock Lesnar returned on RAW last night:

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  • Necro

    So what happens to Swagger now?

    • codys moustache

      He should fued with the new nation

    • Monkey D. Luffy

      He continues to smoke pot with George Bush.

  • Sean Janusonis

    Swagger’s getting buried for a jabroni.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Man, i’d love to crush Lana.

    (Lana backwards is Anal o,0 .. coincidence?!)

  • MistaMacc

    So I guess the fued with Swagger is done after one match?! Da Faq WWE?!?! This must be why the WWE is screwed up! Beef and fueds are not long enough or they get dragged out too long. This Rusev vs Swagger was cool another 2 matches would be good! Even if the only win they would give Swagg is by DQ or count out. Just like Cena getting over Wyatt, u got to get these young talent heavy rotation so we can boo them like Cena in 6 to 8 more years! Lol! But seriously, Swagger didn’t have to win the battle, but atleast get some good shots off on Rusev to pick his babyface status back up. WE THE PEOPLE!!!