Lance Storm Kills Rumors On Working With WWE Developmental

Lance Storm has clarified his statement about the possibility of working with WWE Developmental in a recent interview. In a release on his website, Storm asserted that he is not currently in negotiations with WWE to open a developmental territory in Canada, despite several rumor sites claiming otherwise. No such claim was made here at Storm went on to say the following:

“In the interview we were talking about WWE’s recent visit to Alberta and the fact that I attended both RAW and SmackDown. Arda [Ocal] asked if I talked with anyone about a developmental system, as he always does when I attend a WWE event, because he feels WWE should have a developmental system in Canada and having me run it and do the training seemed like a no brainer. In response to this I told Arda that I’ve been talking with WWE about this possibility off and on for years, dating back to when I was teaching the WWE developmental system in OVW, but we’ve never gotten as far as any serious negotiation.”