Latest Backstage News On Mark Yeaton’s WWE Departure, Update On Ongoing WWE Cuts

Regarding WWE releasing veteran timekeeper Mark Yeaton this past week, it was noted that he was a “Kevin Dunn guy” and Dunn’s guys are going to be gone eventually as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon gain more power. Yeaton will be getting some kind of severance package after working for WWE for 30 years.

Other sources are reporting that WWE will be making further budget cuts before more openly-planned cuts in December. It may not be talent or crew members that get cut, or anything that fans would notice, but budget cuts are ongoing behind the scenes.


  • ChloeMatthews

    They’re releasing someone for being a “Kevin Dunn guy”, and whom has worked for the WWE for 30 years yet are still employing Cody Barbierri, whom made a racial comment and is the cause of this whole ADR release situation. Are you kidding me?

    • Jam

      Much worse than that has happened in the past & no one got released. WWE is being childish right now.

  • Sandman

    if there getting rid of kevin dunn guys does that mean kevin dunn will be wished best of lock in his future endeavours soon :)