Latest Backstage News on Ricardo Rodriguez Leaving WWE, Was His Weight A Problem? reported that Ricardo Rodriguez asked for his WWE release as he had been frustrated and wanted to be a wrestler.

Ricardo had been wrestling as El Local with Kalisto in NXT but when he got injured, Sin Cara was given the spot with Kalisto.

There were also issues with Ricardo’s physique not being up to WWE’s standards. They reportedly set a weight goal that they wanted him at and in their mind, he was having trouble keeping to it.

Rodriguez was working under both a talent contract and an announcers contract. When he was released, his talent contract had just two weeks left on it. He had been doing some Spanish language broadcasts but with budget cuts ongoing, a three-man Spanish broadcast team was too much.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Yoyo

    Sorry but if your dream is to be a wrestler and ultimately wrestle under the WWE and they ask you to lose weight…. you lose the weight.
    Not everyone can be a beast, but everyone can drop body fat with a bit of perseverance.

    • Shaun 2

      A lot of people have trouble losing weight

      • Yoyo

        Yeah, but those people have poor willpower. If you want to lose weight, seek good advice and follow it, you will lose weight.

    • Necro

      Then I really have a problem with Bo Dallas.

      • Yoyo

        Yupp, he needs to shift some pound too!
        And Kassius Ohno/Chris Hero, great talent, released because he never got his body right!

      • arlowoodenhead

        Bo has too much talent in other areas to be released for one issue, not to mention family connections.
        Speaking of which, am I the only one who sees Barry Windham in his movements? I know Barry is his uncle, but it seems a little eerie to me how much alike they are, not all the time, but often.

  • Raihan Khan

    i dont blame wwe. He is better as an announcer

    • RReigns121314

      True! you cant be overweight and be a high flying ‘LUCHADOR’ at the same timeit just doesnt go and you rarely see fat luchadors with a mask anyway

  • Marck-WWEDivas

    He was a good commentarist on the Spanish Broadcast but definitely not the best. I think If you are already on WWE you have to follow all the things WWE tell you to do.

  • UrbanHermit

    If his weight was an issue why did they sign Kevin Steen….

  • Bestinyourgirl

    Anyone see Rikishi back in the day? What about Yokozuna? Pretty sure the
    weight issue stuff is and always has been about people not pulling