Latest Details On Bad News Barrett Possibly Suffering Shoulder Injury At TV Tapings

As reported, WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett suffered an apparent shoulder injury at tonight’s SmackDown tapings in Pittsburgh in a post-match segment after facing Dean Ambrose.

We’ve received conflicting reports on whether or not the referee actually threw up the “X” symbol and if Barrett was helped to the back by medics but our correspondents agree that he was clearly in pain. Fans heard Barrett repeating “F bombs” on his way to the back. We’ve also learned that Jack Swagger may have been involved in the injury and that Barrett took a hard fall on the shoulder.

  • Illy Ill

    Just another one on the list of people that Swagger has injured then…

  • Adnan

    so Barrett once again gets injured right before the MITB ppv, last time he was scheduled to win the briefcase i wonder if it was the same case this time.

  • Necro

    I swear, Ziggler is in the doghouse for being hurt too much, hurt by Swagger, are they going to do the same to Barrett?

    • Devil’s Least Favorite Demon

      Who knows. At least in this case, it is a separated shoulder and not a concussion that could have lingering effects that may never go away.

  • Brotha Hollywood

    I love Barrett. He’s a great asset to WWE. Please get better, sir.

  • Illy Ill

    If I remember correctly, a certain Mr. Kennedy got released due to Randy Orton nearly suffering an injury due to a botched move. I need to highlight the term “NEARLY”. Swagger has injured two people in the space of a year….

  • Wrestling_fan

    They should relegate Swagger to the lowest of low-card status, even below Ryder (if there is one). C’mon! First Ziggler & now BNB.
    Also, didn’t BNB get injured a few years ago as well when he was supposed to win the MITB!? Looks like, this is his kryptonite.

  • pik

    I hope Wade Barrett sqashes that overrated balding Swiss jobber. Cesaro has failed at every gimmick he has had. First he was a rugby player that was Aksanas love interest, then he was very European, then he was a yoddler and he failed at ALL of them. Real Americans worked because of Zeb and Swagger. How many chances is Cesaro going to get? I dont see Heyman doing much for Cesaro. Curtis Axel and Ryback have more pure wrestling ability than Cesaro and Heyman did him no good.Thats whats wrong with Cesaro, his little swing is not realistic and causes no damage. It is just a chance for smarks in the crowd to participate by counting the swings. All Cesaro has is his swing, the Neutralizer, and a bunch of European Uppercuts..yawn Barrett shouldve been in the MITB Title match instead of Cesaro, i hope Barrett is okay.

    • CMP

      “Axel and Ryback have more pure wrestling ability than Cesaro.”

      Haha. Oh I’m sorry, it’s just that my sides hurt from laughing so hard. Oh man, that is TOO good.

      I never seen the appeal in Wade Barret. The guy has been repackaged constantly—Hahahahahahahaha. Oh. God. Sorry haha I just thought of your Rybaxel statement again. Ha. Oh man.


      Barret’s been a Nexus leader, Corre Leader, underground fighter, Bad news Barret. 42 fuckin’ theme songs. The dude is vanilla ice cream. Bland as hell. Anybody could have the “Bad News” gimmick. He’s done nothing special.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    why is swagger even employed?