Latest From Zack Ryder, Reid Flair/WWE, Nash On McIntyre

– Below is episode #15 of Zack Ryder’s YouTube show:

– Reid Flair appeared on the Hit the Ropes radio show this past Wednesday. He said while he hasn’t ruled out working for TNA, his goal is still to work for WWE. “No, I have not ruled out TNA. I respect the guys that are there. I respect the people in management and stuff like that. My dream since I was five years old was to work for the WWE and that’s my goal. I think for people who are already established as stars, TNA is a great place to go. But me being a young kid and stuff like that, not having established myself, I think that sometimes the younger guys may be misrepresented and stuff in TNA. And I’m not saying anything malicious about TNA, WWE is just where I want to be. That’s my goal. WWE is the big time and I want to be with the best.”

– Kevin Nash spoke with The Glaswegian newspaper in the UK to promote an independent show he’s doing there. Regarding WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre, Nash said: “Drew McIntyre almost kicked my liver out of my body at the Royal Rumble. He’s got good size, good presence. I think that in Drew McIntyre, Wade Barrett and Sheamus, you have got three really good UK guys in the WWE. But I think McIntyre has a little bit more quickness than the other two guys. He’s a good talent.”