Latest Injury Update On CM Punk Following Monday’s WWE Raw

Word is that CM Punk was fine following the bump he took through the table when Ryback pressed and slammed him on Monday night’s WWE Raw, despite the jarring nature of that kind of bump. Punk was selling the angle when the show came back from commercial.

As previously reported, Punk is dealing with a number of nagging injuries, including his elbow, his ankle and his knee which was taped on Monday night’s Raw.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Kristen Green

    OMG CM Punk. Someone needs to take care of him while he is nursing his injuries before Battleground in two weeks. Poor baby. I hurts my heart to hear and see Punk that way.

  • Jason

    Punk is more of a workhorse for WWE than Cena is, I have mad respect for Punk he deserves to have time off again and should get it after his match at Battleground