Latest On John Morrison & Melina, Jose Canseco Contacts WWE, Randy Orton & More

– Former WWE Superstar John Morrison has been working hard at making it in Hollywood. He’s currently filming a movie with Danny Trejo and has been spending most of his time going to auditions and trying to make contacts in the industry. Morrison is still doing independent wrestling dates if they pay well but he doesn’t want to be away from Los Angeles for any length of time or make any major wrestling commitments in case anything opens up for him.

Morrison doesn’t seem interested in returning to WWE at all. A lot of the WWE talents who leave on their own note that WWE is great in the sense you can make a lot of money but they are so restrictive on what you can do away from the company and the schedule makes it impossible to do a lot of the other things you would want to do. Regarding Melina, the two are still dating but she recently suffered a torn calf and is not wrestling but is open to managing.

– Former Major League Baseball star Jose Canseco looks to be desperately seeking a job in professional wrestling. We noted a while back that he had been in contact with TNA President Dixie Carter about working there. Canseco also recently reached out to WWE about being a Social Media Ambassador.

– Randy Orton confirmed on Twitter that WWE Studios’ 12 Rounds: Reloaded is rated R for violence and language. The original 12 Rounds from 2009 starring John Cena was rated PG-13.

– The very popular app SongPop, used on Facebook and mobile devices, has added a new WWE Themes category.

(Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)