Latest News & Details On Extreme Rising Cancelling WrestleMania Weekend Events

Here are the latest details on why Extreme Rising had to cancel their WrestleMania weekend events.

* Extreme Rising is headed by “Five Guys Wrestling” with there being five different partners – Shane Douglas, Steve O’Neil, Kevin Klinerock, Cody Michaels and Michael O’Neil. All decisions for the company are done via committee, and there were times that many decisions were delayed due to that.

* By the time the promotion decided to run WrestleMania weekend shows, just about every other major WrestleMania weekend event was on sale, and on sale in some cases for months. Due to that, most fans that were looking to spend money had done so already/

* By the time Rising released their card details and dates, they had lost the majority of the traveling fans. This is also the same for the big Hulk Hogan Q&A, which according to sources at the Beacon Theater, less than a 1/4th of that venue has been sold. And that is because it was announced so late.

* Another issue is that the promotion opted to run away from the hub of the WrestleMania madness. They were going to run Philly on a Thursday and running wrestling there on weeknights (and even Friday nights) had never been a smart move in that market. For example, the original ECW ran the first ever Sabu vs. Cactus Jack match at the ECW Arena, on a Friday, and it did not sell out.

* With tickets not moving for the Philly show, they opted out because the rent for the National Guard Armory is said to be $5000.

* It should be noted that the promotion had also declined a slot at Wrestlecon, where they would have run a midnight show on one of the days. Wrestlecon will be one of the big weekend venues where a large group of people are confirmed to be in attendance.

* The company has no financial backers. Whatever money was coming in was what they were using to fund the next events. The December events led to some talents having to wait to be paid while the promotion waited for money to come in from other deals, which already stressed some relationships with talents. A planned fundraising for a potential TV show didn’t come through so there’s no marketing via TV.

* Another issue with the promotion is that only Steve O’Neil was truly working on the day to day while the others were off handling their own personal and professional businesses. In some ways it was O’Neil’s promotion when it came to the responsibility, but not when it came to making the final decisions.

* Extreme Rising has stated that this is not the end of the promotion, but they are going to have to work extremely hard to rebuild relationships with talents and with what fan base they had.