Latest News On CM Punk Taking A Concussion Test At Monday’s WWE Raw reported that ESPN Cleveland reporter Casey Kulas tweeted the following about a backstage argument CM Punk had with WWE officials at RAW:

In regards to that story, Punk was banged up in the Royal Rumble match on Sunday and did take a concussion test on Monday at Raw but it showed that he did not have a concussion. The concussion test had nothing to do with his departure.

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  • Zachary

    At least Punk didn’t lie #bestintheworld still

  • Cm Punk Fan

    CM Punk did not leave the WWE? It was not because of a concussion? He returns?

  • HurriOwl

    If I’m interpreting this implication correctly, Punk left because he felt a concussion was yoyo serious of a matter to use just for storyline purposes?