Latest News On The CM Punk Situation, WWE’s In-House Network Testing Reviews

– Regarding the CM Punk situation, it is not being treated as a situation where they’re just letting him go. Vince McMahon does not want Punk to leave because he recognizes Punk’s drawing power. There are company officials, some with power, who want Punk gone but Vince does not.

– reported that WWE began in-house testing for the Network this past week. Those who have got to test things out report that it’s “awesome” and similar to Netflix in terms of finding content and moving around.

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  • cj

    “Company officials, some with power, want Punk gone” …… does anyone in WWE’s organization have more power than Vince as far as a situation like this goes ?

    • Chris Roy

      Nope, Vince will have final say regardless of what these Company Officials want.

  • theripperdannyb

    anyone feel that one of those powers may be HHH?

  • James Humwood

    This might just be the first smart thing vince has done in years also I bet the other powers are HHH

  • Kris Dishman

    big miatake……. Cm Punk maybe what TNA needs……………… CM PUnk with a chip on his shoulder may be very dangerious……. hoping its just a story line myself……

    • Brandon Parkison

      punk is too good for TNA. he has goals in mind, not some crappy 2 viewer tv show.

  • Dee Swain

    Some who don’t have power want him gone to. Come on people C.M Punk is one of most overrated wrestlers there is. I’m glad he’s gone and I hope he don’t come back. I’m with Triple H on this one. Bring back the men and send the boys home.

    • Brandon Parkison

      yeah your opinion sucks.

  • Ozias Keagan

    can I become a tester too Please pretty please…..