Latest News On The Rock & The Undertaker Wrestling At WWE WrestleMania 30

With WrestleMania XXX taking place in less than seven months, WWE officials have had discussions contemplating the possibilities of matches involving Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Ryback. However, many of their ideas hinge on whether Johnson decides to commit to the pay-per-view event—management are currently under the belief that he won’t.

Should Johnson decide to appear at WrestleMania for the fourth consecutive year, WWE officials are interested in renewing his 2002 rivalry with Lesnar, with The Undertaker placing his famed undefeated streak on the line against Ryback. However, should Johnson opt not to compete, the company’s secondary idea for Lesnar is to have him face The Undertaker.

WWE’s tentative storyline plan for The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX—should he decide to wrestle—would be for Paul Heyman to direct a large-framed wrestler to end the streak after CM Punk failed him the year before. The possibility of Ryback receiving this grand opportunity is also subject to his partnership with Heyman becoming an overwhelming success. Some people in management have even suggested that should they ever decide to kill The Deadman’s famed streak, Ryback could conceivably be the chosen one.

WrestleMania XXX takes place April 6, 2014 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.


  • Mike

    Oh god please not Ryback

  • Andy

    Ryback to beat Taker let alone even get a shot at him is beyond ridiculous. He lost to Mark Henry at wrestlemania. If he does end the streak i will boycott wwe for the rest of my life. Now i know everyone sedmingly hates Cena, but he is the logical choice to face Taker as he is the face of the company.

    • Andy


    • Willey

      I would like to see Cena vs Taker, even though Cena has a good chance of beating Undertaker and that would make people mad, but how many Wrestlemania’s does Taker have left? Cena vs Taker has to take place at some point, it is basically a battle of 2 generation’s best superstars

      • rashad jackson

        cena…lesnar and rock are the only ppl taker has to fight ….after that he should retire…and out of those 3 none of them should end the streak…WWE will be spitting on the career of undertaker if they end the streak! let him go out as undefeated please…

  • Andy

    Honestly if WWE is all about up and coming talent, give the match to Bray Wyatt. He is a great wrestler, and he had a good feud with Kane, it makes sense to go after his “brother”. And i feel that Taker would easily elevate Bray Wyatt’s character.

  • Jay Ciaravino

    SERIOUSLY? RYBACK? REALLY? I don’t want to live in this “universe” anymore.

  • Darrell West

    It should be The Rock vs The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar vs Ryback.

  • Jacob June

    For the love of vaginal penetration, WM is crap, but this obsession with The Rock makes it even dumber. In any event, Ryback vs Lesnar would rule.


    All Smarks hate Cena anyway, so WWE have nothing to lose by having Cena beat ‘Taker. That being said, WWE would be stupid to do so

  • JordanMagers

    Dude, if they have Rybotch end the streak, I will stop watching anything WWE related for the rest of my life. That dude has potential, but not that kind. He is a big beefy dude with some good skill and a still developing personality. I garuntee putting him in that match will not only taint the integrity of The Undertaker’s streak. It will also be the only thing that Ryback would be known for, and after he falls off the face of the earth by the end of next year, WWE will look foolish because a NOBODY ended the legend. Nobody will talk about it anymore, it will be finished. No one will care. It will just piss a lot of die-hard fans off.

  • Kurt

    Anyone that believes Ryback could actually end the streak should probably stop watching WWE now… if HBK & HHH didn’t, NO ONE is going to. (The only possibility is Cena, and I don’t think even Cena wants the stigma of being the guy who ended The Streak) It’s all about a good story, and I just dont think Ryback can do that. Whoever brought up Bray Wyatt is right, however I think it’s The Wyatts vs The Shield at Mania, so that eliminates that.

  • rashad jackson

    can we please write a letter to WWE or do a petition cause NO ONE!! wants to see ryback vs. undertaker yet alone have ryback be the guy to end the streak!!….ryback doesnt deserve to end the streak….i said it before ill say it again NO ONE!!! in the WWE current roster deserves to end the streak!!! there are only a few people left for undertaker to fight….cena…lesnar…and the rock!! if he comes back…and not even those 3 should end the streak so why the hell do u think ryback shud be the guy?? i swear to god if they make ryback win i will never watch WWE again…and i will personally write a letter to WWE myself about how bad of a dumb decision that is/was they made….if u have ryback end the streak thats just spitting on undertakers career period….what would be the point to go undefeated all those years to lose to a guy like ryback who isnt even good?!?!?!…..please FANS!! we have a voice let our voice be heard and petition this from happening….example…the reboot movie DREDD…not so well in the box office but did well in DVD sells…and now ppl are petition to make a dredd sequel! and it will very likely happen!!….again we have a voice let our voice be heard and NOT!!! let ryback be the guy to end the streak!!!

    NO ONE IN THYE CURRENT ROSTER SHOULD END THE STREAK!!! NO ONE!!!! i would rather have cena end it instead of ryback….also cena vs. udertaker SOUNDS BETTER!!….ryback is boring in the ring and will have bad chem. with undertaker….

    NO ONE IN THE CURRENT ROSTER SHOULD END THE STREAK!!!! undertaker has 3 ppl left…cena.,.lesnar…and rock…if he wins those 3 then he should retire after that but NO ONE!!! NO ONE NO ONE!!!!! esp. FREAKINKG RYBACK should end…..we have a voice dont let it happen….i wud rather see lesnar be the guy to fight undertaker instead of ryback!!!

  • rashad jackson

    wyatt…cena…lesnar are the only ppl that make sense…wyatt so taker can get revenge….cena cuz i want him to lose RR and EC. and say he has no1 to face n take comes back and challenges him…..lesnar cuz he is a heyman guy and punk couldnt do it so lesnar shud try over ryback

    but again NO ONE!!! in the current WWE roster shud be allowed to end the streak….if ryback does face him and win….i will rash WWE on twitter for the rest of my life and i will write a letter to them rashing

    again we have a voice DO NOT!! let ryback n undertaker happen

  • Devon Beeler

    if anything let the undertaker pick but the rock would be a good one brock would be bloody hell I would go as far as saying the animal batista that’s if he not going for the belts now that would be good but no way in hell ryback

  • Donald Rogan

    I agree that the WWE officials should have The Rock & The Undertaker fight at wrestlemania as well.