Latest News On TNA Impact Wrestling Legal Battle With The Hardy Boyz

Reby Hardy posted the following update on the legal situation between The Hardys and Impact Wrestling:

UPDATE: TNA sent an absolutely laughable legal proposal re: trademark, usage & ownership. Sigh. We tried to play nice. Truly. Oh well. They also seem real hurt about #f***ThatOwl. Awww. Cute. Fun facts ! Señor Benjamin never signed one piece of paper stating TNA could ever use, broadcast or profit from his image/likeness. Fun facts ! Maxel was never legally cleared to work/appear on camera. Wanna check them TV child labor laws & get back to me, TNA ? Fun facts ! Nearly every notable attribute that makes #BROKEN Matt Hardy “Broken Matt Hardy” was developed by ME in a @WaffleHouse. Yummy ! Fun facts ! Trying to prevent someone from legally making money is torturous interference of business & a HUGE OFFENSE ! How bow dat C&D ? Fun facts ! I filed for the #BROKEN trademark when all the shady business from JJ & Anthem got back to me, WEEKS before his contract was up. If owning my husband was that important, why not file/apply – oh, I don’t know – BEFORE his contract was up ? BEFORE you found out I did ? 🤔 How about every other former talent still working under their “TNA name” & gimmick without issue. Wouldn’t that look weird in court ? Yeah.. And the store I’ve been running for 5+ years, 100% by myself, with MY original designs & my sole effort/investment. Yeah, they want a cut. Theme song I composed/recorded/graciously allowed them to use GRATIS when they were having licensing issues w/music. They claiming that too. If the character is TNA’s, where are their format sheets ? (Don’t exist). Where are the scripts ? (Can’t be produced; don’t exist). And…. ..Best part. Ready ? SURPRISE ! “The Hardy Show” was behind the scenes recording OUR entire creative process this whole time. See you soon ! And #f***ThatOwl

  • Darksoul SF✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The Characters, phases and Trademarks was created by Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy.

    Impact Wresting trying sue so they can get money for their show.

    • Greg Farmer

      Many companies state that any invention you come up with whilst at that company, remains property of that company. Maybe that was in their T.O.E. ????

      • JustusX

        Possible, but if the trademark/patent was granted, Anthem has no leg to stand on.

        And in all honesty, this just screams of sour grapes from TNA (really Anthem).

        • The Network

          Who? You keep mentioning these three letters but they don’t exist

      • Laurence

        This is true but if TNA breached the contract which is what i believe happened when they missed a payment to the Hardy’s then the contract is broken.

        • The Network

          Where’s the proof that they did? Reby is barking cause her family got fired and impactwrestling doesn’t even need them

          • Laurence

            TNA openly admitted to not paying wrestlers, It’s part of why they had to sell the company

  • Sam Savage

    Reby dropped the mic, lol.

  • J Storm

    I love hardyes but TNA should not let wwe use the brokem gimmick