Latest News Regarding Brock Lesnar – WWE and Possible All Elite Wrestling Run

Brock Lesnar is currently not scheduled for the WWE Elimination Chamber or Fastlane PPV events but could end up appearing at the next Saudi Arabia event after Wrestlemania 35.

There has been speculation that Chris Jericho’s recent shot at Brock Lesnar was actually a tactic by Jericho to have Lesnar consider a run with All Elite Wrestling.

Here is what Dave Meltzer of said regarding Lesnar’s status with WWE:

“If he (Brock) wanted to fight, he’d be fighting right now. You know he got a big offer from Vince. Hes going to do WrestleMania. I fully believe hes gonna do the Saudi show in May and then you know if the contracts… a three-way dance this time. Paul E is negotiating the biggest three-way dance of his life. AEW, WWE, and UFC all for the same guy. That’s an interesting game, isn’t it?”

“I believe that Vince will pay anything not to lose Brock because we’ve seen it with UFC and I think it will be even stronger with AEW. Brock’s number is so high but who knows? Who knows, it would be a coup. Put it this way, Chris Jericho wants a match with Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho has a lot of sway. That doesn’t mean a deal is gonna be done that’s a stupid deal but who knows.”