Latest News Regarding Kenny Omega – WWE Rumors

We previously noted that John Cena posted a photo of Kenny Omega on his Instagram account. This led to speculation from the wrestling industry that Omega could in fact be on his way to WWE, despite him saying he wasn’t interested in coming to promotion.

Shortly before Cena shared the photo of Omega, Omega took to his Twitter account after his well received match at Wrestle Kingdom 11 to address his future. “I will be stepping away from Japan to reassess my future. The path of my journey may change, but my goals will not.”

The belief is that Omega is trying to keep his name in the news, which is why he sent out the tweet. Omega is still under contract with New Japan until January 31st, so that would rule out an appearance at the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble event. Several people with the company have stated that he has already re-newed with the promotion, however we can not confirm those claims as of this writing. The feeling is that Omega is expected to return to New Japan sometime in March.

  • Tim Sullivan

    Most shocking thing about this article is that SOMEONE actually pays attention to john cena on social media