Latest On 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Names, WWE Officials Discuss DUI Arrest Problems

– Regarding all the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame rumors that have been going around, word is that the only person even close to confirmed is Mick Foley.

We noted earlier this week that WWE had contacted several celebrities – Mr. T, Jenny McCarthy, Pete Rose and Floyd Mayweather. On a related note, earlier this week there was a pitch to induct Mr. T into the Hall of Fame. The idea is that T’s induction would play off his connection to WrestleMania I and Madison Square Garden since the 2013 ceremony takes place there.

– WWE officials are not happy with the number of talent DUI arrests in the Tampa area, especially after Cameron was arrested a few weeks back. WWE officials had discussions this past week about how to handle the problem.

We noted earlier this year that WWE was considering moving developmental from Tampa to Stamford, Connecticut where most everything else WWE related is located. While talking about the DUI arrests this week, the idea of moving developmental to Stamford was brought up again because there is less of a party scene in Stamford than there is in Tampa.