Latest On AJ Styles’ Contract Expiring, Ken Anderson, TNA Looking For Young Wrestlers

– AJ Styles and TNA officials have been working on a new deal for a while now. They have yet to agree on a new deal but discussions are ongoing. There is a very real possibility that Styles will leave TNA and it likely will come down to money. Most people in TNA want AJ to stay but they will keep him only if it makes sense financially.

– Another wrestler facing a similar situation as Styles is Ken Anderson. Both sides are talking but the feeling is that it will come down to the wire.

– TNA recently set an objective to try and uncover young talent. Going forward, they will be looking for younger workers to add to the roster.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Miguel Tolentino

    TNA shouldn’t risk letting Styles go sure he isn’t in his prime, but the guy can still go I always tune in to watch his matches, he’s my personal TNA favorite. If it’s money they need they should let go of Hogan, not bashing him because I like Hogan, but no one tunes in to watch him and most shows always have him on and it’s an annoyance. It’s like the HHH thing jn WWE the guy should just retire amd handle things in the back, but unlike Hogan people still tune in to watch HHH.

    • Lameus

      The word is Hogan gets paid by Panda Energy, TNA’s parent company, he’s not included in their budget.

      • Miguel Tolentino

        Ahh I had a feeling that actually might be the case after posting the comment. I thought maybe Spike pays for him just like they might pay for Rampage and Tito. If this is the case then I’m worried about TNA even more now.

  • Ǎ.Ĵ.

    tna is only looking out for their self and the cheapest way out no matter who they release jeff jarret still has a lot to do with tna

  • Jonathan Baylor

    He is a TNA original. It was great to see him go back to the old Aj. Tna needs to do their job and get him resigned.