Latest On Bill DeMott’s Replacement, Another DeMott Story Emerges, DeMott Gets Media Coverage

– As reported, Bill DeMott has stepped down as NXT head trainer after recent allegations toward him. Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that Matt Bloom, a.k.a. Jason “Tensai” Albert, will be taking over DeMott’s responsibilities as the interim head trainer.

– The Washington Post features an article about DeMott’s resignation. The article also references this story posted on Reddit earlier today from a person claiming to be an indie women’s wrestler who was in developmental under DeMott. She claims that DeMott threatened to fire women who were coming forward regarding a strength and conditioning coach who was allegedly sexually harassing women.

  • Mikael #AxelmaniaWorldOrder

    Good. Jason Albert doesn’t seem like a piece of crap like Demott does

  • Tim

    Vince always loves publicity. Something tells me Cole won’t be mentioning the Post article on Raw however.

  • Jarryd

    One overweight C level wrestler taking over from another overweight C level wrestler? At least Albert seems a nice guy though. No offence to Albert by the way (but Bill DeMott, please take offence at my post, you overweight – talentless bafoon. #Bully)

    • Master Splinter

      Albert was a far better wrestler than Bill DeMott. The Tensai run isn’t a great example of that but his days as Albert and A-Train were pretty dope. I think they went a step up…at least I hope so.

    • Luke

      You say “no offence to Albert” right after calling him an “overweight C level wrestler”.


      • Jarryd

        Well lets be honest. He is overweight and he aint the best wrestler

        • Dustin Murray

          Your kidding right? It’s like saying a guy that’s not a star but still made it in the NBA, MLB, NHL, or NFL sucks. Please reconsider your talent evaluation.

          • Jarryd

            A lot of duds make it to the WWE. Look at Khali for example

    • Dustin Murray

      How long was your WWE run?

  • Michael Duberry

    Albert could be a good choice. He made the brave move to go to Japan when he left the WWE in the early 2000s, learning a new style and become a respected worker. Hopefully he can encourage the development team, especially those with no prior wrestling experience, to try different styles and create some more interesting future pairings.

  • Dustin Murray

    Cody Hawk should get some consideration