Latest On Brock Lesnar’s Status With WWE, Backstage News, More

In regards to Brock Lesnar’s status with WWE, nothing is 100% certain until a contract is signed. Lesnar only has a deal for a number of appearances with the company. Everything is going to be at Lesnar’s leverage with him always having the option to negotiate with UFC and being able to draw a such a strong number of fans. This lets Lesnar get away with being very aggressive in his business negotiations.

Dana White and Vince McMahon are both business men, if having to deal with Lesnar’s aggressive business means good draws, they will go out of their way to come to an agreement with him.

The announcement of Triple H talking about Lesnar at the No Way Out PPV is to help increase PPV buys and possibly even try to convince fans that Lesnar will be making a surprise appearance. This will help the storyline continue not be killed off.