Latest On CM Punk Chants At WWE Raw, Ryback Takes Shot At CM Punk?, Kurt Angle Praises Raw

CM Punk

– There was a small group of fans on Twitter Monday night that are claiming they were thrown out of RAW for chanting CM Punk but they appear to be just troll accounts. Many readers in attendance noted that while there were Punk chants all night, no fans were thrown out for it. CM Punk signs did indeed get confiscated but no one was kicked out for chanting for Punk.

The fan with the “My Other CM Punk Sign Got Confiscated” on Raw, which you can check out below, had that sign confiscated as well.

– In this week’s WWE Raw Backstage Fallout, Ryback may have taken a shot at CM Punk. After running down Sheamus, Ryback said:

“I am the hardest working man in the WWE. I wasn’t taking some vacation, I didn’t quit. I’m here day in and day out.”

– Kurt Angle tweeted the following during Monday night’s RAW main event between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton:

  • Grant Ryan Lenton

    If this really is a work then WWE are going to extreme/pathetic lengths to convince people it’s not. If you tell people NOT to do something obviously they will do the exact opposite.

  • Jerihoar

    Why would chanting that idiots name do anything? HE left…no one forced him to be a whiny bitch becuz he isn’t champion.

    • CMMC3788

      He isn’t being whiny he left for the exact same reason that Austin left. The creative team sucks. They probably wanted him to go out in a tutu and skip around because of head trauma or get sneak attacked and molested by Fandango while Goldust watches all hot and bothered. Maybe not so much to that extent but don’t put something stupider than that past them.

      • Dime

        Check your facts. That is not why Austin left. Nice try though. But I do agree. Creative sucks monkey balls now a days.

        • BryaN

          Austin left at one point because they wanted him to job to Brock on a random smackdown. He talks about it on one of his podcasts.

        • CMMC3788

          It says in his book he didn’t like creative direction the brock job was the last straw

  • Shaniqua Louise Ray

    thid sucks no one cares

  • James Humwood

    Ya ryback go ahead and keep thinking that be there for 7 years without hardly a break then tell me

    • Dime

      Without hardly a break? Lol are you kidding me? He was one of the longest raining champions of all time. He has headlined countless Paper Views. He got a song, that we all know Vince does not buy rights to songs for his stars. Yet he got the one he wanted. He got a HUGE pay raise when he “walked out” the first time. All the Merchandise he has. Give me a break. Punk is a cry baby who left because he did not get what he wanted. Simple as that!

      • BryaN

        >raining champ
        >paper views

        I get it now. You are just trolling. Good one

      • James Humwood

        when I say hardly a break I mean time off dude punk has only taken like 1 month off his entire career

  • IsmailKidd™

    Ryback is trying too hard to steal Zack Ryder’s internet gimmick lol

  • Anon

    Funny how everyone’s taking shots at Punk because it’s the easy thing to do.

    • Dime

      Not the easy thing to do… the smart thing to do. You have guys way more talented than Punk who should have a shot and are held back by cry babies like Orton and Punk who always think they should have the spot light on them.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Sometimes I question peoples intelligence. These “punk fans” are just ruining the show for wants that didn’t chant punk, I bet the other superstars feel uncomfortable with it aswell.

  • blue_midnight

    I’m calling it right now: This isn’t someone who works for WWE. It’s some loser troll who lives in his parent’s basement making crap up and seeing what sticks.