Latest On CM Punk Working With Injuries, Talk Within WWE Of Two Top Superstars Retiring

CM Punk was reportedly sick and banged up at Tuesday night’s SmackDown tapings from Tulsa where he wrestled a member of The Shield. As reported, Punk made a tweet during the tapings that said he had an accident in his pants while in the ring. Punk later deleted that tweet.

There was concern that Punk suffered a concussion and there was talk going around that he hurt his back during the November 25th RAW. Punk tweeted on Thursday that his ribs are busted.

On a related note, there’s been a lot of talk within WWE of both Punk and Alberto Del Rio talking about retiring within the next few years.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • jason

    the show would absolutely take a nose dive when/if those two decide to leave. they are such workers, the both of them. its just unfortunate that it takes so long for guys to get the recognition they deserve. hell, most guys are half way through their careers before that happens. then again, I realize it takes time for people to come around or for talent to develop. other times its just timing. perhaps there are other stars still on the rosters, & its going to take them moving on for some to get their shot at top dog. again, its just unfortunate.

  • kayfabian1981

    The fact is there as been a message sent out by HHH Himself to always work extra stiff with both CM PUnk and Daniel Bryan as well as Del Rio because he wants them all to retire so he can only push his idea of who should be champion.s

  • Nick Mancuso

    I don’t think they should “retire” but maybe take a 1-2 year sabbatical. The return pop would be out of this world for Punk, and he’d be 100% healthy. Sometimes a long time off of tv can bring in serious money rather than rushing someone back only to get hurt again.