Latest On Cody Rhodes As Stardust, WWE Stock Jump Being Attributed To WWE Releases

– Cody Rhodes was trending Monday night on Twitter after debuting his new Stardust character with brother Goldust. Cody has since changed his Twitter nickname and avatar for the new gimmick. Cody tweeted the following after RAW:

Jim Ross tweeted his thoughts about Cody’s new character:

– The WWE stock jumping .34 cents per share on Monday is being attributed to the WWE releases that were announced last week. It’s been noted that WWE is planning more developmental cuts next month and WWE could see this as a positive sign.

  • Necro

    Stardust…..if it means a solid push for Cody in any way, I’m down for it.

  • thatpj

    JR is right. Hope the Dusts keep going and get another run with the belts.

  • jmull

    Got to be a fucking joke and a way to turn Cody heel.