Latest On Fandango Revolution’s Mainstream Attention, Music Played At Night Club (Video)

– As you can imagine, WWE is thrilled with the exposure that Fandango and his theme song have been getting over the past week. WWE has been pushing the Fandango Revolution on Twitter, asking fans and popular brands to take the “Fandango challenge” and upload video of them Fandangoing. They are also encouraging fans to download Fandango’s theme song, ChaChaLaLa, from iTunes and make it their ringtones.

– Fandango’s theme song, ChaChaLaLa, has been played at several professional sporting events over the past week, including games for the Buffalo Sabres NHL team and at Football matches in the United Kingdom as well as night clubs.

– has an article up about Fandango’s entrance theme racing up the Billboard charts. also has an article up looking at the Fandangoing craze.

– Fandango’s theme song also hit #9 on the UK Top 40’s Indie chart at

– A nightclub in Middlesbrough, England that holds over 1,000 people had the crowd “Fandangoing” this past weekend, you can check it out in the video below:

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