Latest On How Much Money Vince McMahon Lost This Year, His Worth, What Bothers Him More

From just before WrestleMania XXX until now, Vince McMahon has lost around $842 million of on-paper worth, with around $360 million of that being earlier this month. Vince is still worth around $700 million.

One person that has been associated with Vince for a while noted that the mainstream media and business publication coverage of how much money he lost and about how he’s no longer a billionaire will drive him crazy. It was said that the actual loss of the stock money isn’t going to bother him.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Devontae L. Herring

    Lose the PG theme bring back the real monsters, gore, and blood and things will all good again. Not necessarily a replica of the Attitude Era but a much less pacified product than what’s going now. And flowing/sensible storylines. I keep up with Total Divas more than I do RAW nowadays.

    • Jam

      Less blood = less complications to the head. They banned mutilating for a reason.

      • jmull

        A little cutting once in a while goes a long way in certain situations, and it is for damn sure not “mutilating” or causing “complications to the head.”

    • jmull

      Swear words, beer, and some TNA (you know, tits n ass) would make a world of difference. Simple formula for a simple demographic. But they won’t do it because of all their charity and community work. And probably because they are PG under the new TV deal.

  • Bryan

    He’s depriving himself of more money for being too narrow minded

  • Jaime Villasana

    Vince!! keep on bringing Scooby Doo and Elmo to the show and u will be broke in no time

  • Jericho Cross

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  • Melissa

    Deadman’s Curse ….. LOL

  • pancho

    No dumbasses, the PG product is not what cost him money. The stock was worth $30+ while the show was PG. What has caused the stock to plumet was the network. They failed to realize that all of you douches dont pay for these type things.

    • Laurence

      Agreed. Why do internet fans think stock price has anything to do with being pg or not. It’s based on financial quarterlies. They lost the stock price because they over estimated the network and the tv deals, people realised and sold. It has nothing to do with the onscreen product. I saw some idiot say ‘Bring Taker back and the price will go up’. Seriously?

      • pancho

        Because they are not investors. They just dont understand how things work and most of them dont have money anyway.

    • ksedude

      You’re the only one who’s right. I don’t know why they think wallstreet investors would say “No CM Punk? That’s it, I’m out.” or “No blood? Family friendly? Yeah right, I’m selling.” I’m sure most investors aren’t necessarily hardcore WWE fans. They invest based on how well WWE is doing. When Vince promises results, and they fall short, investors feel lied to at best. At worst they feel that WWE simply isn’t doing as good as Vince thinks it is. Either way, in their mind, continuing their investment is no longer logical.

  • sal

    Cm punk is gone that’s what you get vince