Latest On Jim Ross & FOX Sports Rumors, JR Debuts New FOX Sports Column

There were some recent online rumors claiming that former WWE announcer and Hall of Famer Jim Ross was meeting with FOX Sports about a job of some kind. Apparently these rumors were true as the WWE Hall Of Famer debuted a new column on the official FOX Sports website.

JR’s first column on the FOX Sports website focuses on the recent story involving Ric Flair and the NFL. Below is an excerpt:

“The controversy involving WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Ric Flair and his beloved Charlotte Panthers, which arose after the Nature Boy flew from his hometown, the Queen City, to Green Bay last week to give the San Francisco 49ers a pep talk, has the makings of a great, pro wrestling story line.

Perhaps it is.

Flair has been a proud North Carolinian for over 40 years. So then why would Flair sell out the Panthers during his motivational speech to the 49ers?”

You can read JR’s first official FOX Sports column online at