Latest On Kane Being Replaced At MITB, John Cena To Wrestle Strahan On “Live” & More

– As reported, WWE has pulled Kane from Sunday’s Money in the Bank match to sell the attack from The Wyatt Family that happened last week on RAW. They are teasing that a replacement for Kane may be announced on Sunday afternoon. They have an article up noting that no replacement may be made but it mentions Big Show, The Great Khali and Kofi Kingston as potential replacements.

– The folks at ABC sent the following:

“The current WWE Champion JOHN CENA will return to top morning show “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” on MONDAY, JULY 15, 2013, and it’s going to be much more than your run-of-the-mill talk show appearance. After Strahan and Cena exchanged some trash talk during the WWE Superstar’s last appearance on “LIVE” — a surprise walk-on following his win at Wrestlemania 29 against The Rock – on Monday the two will duke it out in a no-holds-barred wrestling showdown, live on the air.”

Cena tweeted about the appearance:

  • Tired WWE fan

    YAWN fest…………why don’t they make it someone who really needs a title shot for money in the bank! Give it to someone who isn’t that great but yet is good enough that they stand half a chance to win the MITB match.

    • your last fan

      I hear ya bro and why shouldn’t someone who isn’t the best get a shot and carry the title even if it’s for only a day or a week. Plus I am tired of watching the same 10-16 guys wrestle each other every week.

    • Kristian Lundgaard

      Daniel Bryan doesn’t ???