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Latest On Leaked WWE SummerSlam 2014 Poster, Extreme Rules PPV Buys Revealed

- Amazon has removed the WWE SummerSlam 2014 cover poster featuring Brock Lesnar and John Cena that we posted on Wednesday. WWE officials were reportedly very upset that the image was put up. Check it out below:

– WWE’s latest Key Performance Indicators shows that the 2014 Extreme Rules pay-per-view did 107,000 buys with 40,000 being domestic and 67,000 being international. The same event in 2012 and 2013 drew over 200,000 buys.

(Source: PWInsider)

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  • jmull

    But, of course, this is not taking the Network into account.

  • http://www.BatmanRulez.com/ Botmun K

    Does that mean Cena will win the title at MIB and then Lesnar will challenge him at Summerslam?

    • Nicole Hannan

      Its either that or Lesnar screws Cena at MITB and a feud brews from there. Because i would think they would show Cena with the titles if it was for the titles.

      • http://www.BatmanRulez.com/ Botmun K

        I think Cena will win and it makes sense. Cena has not win the WWE World Heavy Title (both titles at the same time), I don’t see why WWE won’t let him win. He is the best representative of WWE now.

        Honeslty, I want to see three way fatal match between Lesnar, Cena and Bryan for the title at SummerSlam.. or Cena vs Lesnar at SummerSlam which lead to Lesnar vs Bryan at Battle Ground.

        • blah blah

          cesaro wins

          • Nicole Hannan

            Cesaro didnt win, give it up man.

        • Nicole Hannan

          Battleground is before Summerslam, and Cena could lose the title there to Roman or even Randy. Then it would just be another one on one match for Cena and Lesnar. I would personally love to see Roman as champion, he would be a great champion and a great leader for the locker room to follow.

          • http://www.BatmanRulez.com/ Botmun K

            Thanks for the fix.
            Honestly, I want to see a new champion. Like Wyatt or Roman. I am sick of Cena and Orton duopoly.. at least Bryan was much better than the two. He earned it, he deserve that. I hope he will regain the title.


      • blah blah

        Nothing like that is going to happen the poster is fake Cesaro will win Cena time is over! Brock Lesnar is gone!

        • Nicole Hannan

          The poster could possibly be fake and WWE just wanted an excuse to make Cena the WWE WH champion, Cenas time is over, it ended a long time ago. He should have stayed fired back in 2010. Then Cesaro could have been champion or even Roman. Brock Lesnar is a part-timer and i hate part-timers in wrestling. He should not be under contract anymore with WWE and he should just leave, forever. He has no business still being here in WWE, to me. Cena did win and now we are going to have another Cena era shoved down our throats. They are all authority’s puppets.

  • TheJakeWaller

    another cena vs lesnar? i dont see cena bowing down and losing to brock to put him over. well i can see it, but i cant see where cena vs bray finishes, theres no indication that fued is over, and who will bray fued with next? I think they need to finish cena vs bray properly before jumping into cena vs the brock

  • Raihan Khan

    awesome, cena vs lesnar again, i bet lesnar will win cz wwe wants lesnar to win the title and then bryan will return soon and face brock for the title, so i have no problem with cena winning this sunday cz he is gonna have a fight with lesnar and lesnar will win

  • Raihan Khan

    the poster looks exactly same as extreme rules 2012, but the background

    • Jahil

      i think its a hoax to confuse people. after reading your comment about the 2012 extreme rules poster and comparing it to this the faces for both cena and lesnar look the same as they did in that poster. here is my side by side comparison for people interested – http://imgur.com/h7OL2vf