Latest On Paige Being Out Of Action, Why Evan Bourne Hasn’t Returned Yet, Ryback’s Character

– Regarding WWE NXT Women’s Champion Paige being out of action, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that she isn’t injured but was given some time off due to personal reasons. As noted, she tweeted this week that she will be back to work on Monday.

– There was more talk last week of bringing Christian and Evan Bourne back. Word is that Bourne has been ready for some time but WWE creative hasn’t come up with anything for him yet.

– As seen on Wednesday night’s Main Event, WWE had Ryback come out and do a lap around the ring at the end of each match, playing off his crazy new character on Twitter. WWE’s website mentioned the tweets and said Ryback’s actions on Main Event were as inexplicable as his recent tweets.

Photo: Paige Working Out In Her Dad’s Gym

(Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Jay Ciaravino

    Ok, but who shined up his eye?

  • Willey

    you really do not need anything for evan bourne, just give him some matches and have him hit the SSP, it is not like he will ever get a main event push