Latest On Plans For Second Money In The Bank Ladder Match At This Month’s Pay-Per-View

Published On 06/10/2014 | By Staff | News reported that WWE was considering a second Money In the Bank ladder match for the MITB pay-per-view on June 29th.

Apparently they were looking at announcing the second ladder match on last night’s RAW but obviously didn’t. Word is that the second ladder match, which will be for a future title shot, will feature up and coming talents while the top Superstars will be in the main ladder match that’s for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Title.


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  • Paul Petitfrere

    Awesome idea, i hope WWE considers it

  • Tom Starnes

    THIS IS JUST AN IDEA. randy wins world title ladder match, roman reigns wins title shot, cashes in on randy at some point, triple h gets involved, leads to the planned match at summerslam…

    • matthewgarriet

      I like that idea too

    • Monkey D. Luffy

      umm.. why not have Cesaro win the briefcase, cash in on champion, win, and Lesnar would return, enying Cesaro, setting up Lesnar vs Cesaro somewhere down the line in the near future.

      I also think there should be an I.C title match, they are making the I.C belt look like crap, if not worse

      • Latoya

        I’m not even a fan of Lesnar and I would want to see him and Cesaro or Sheamus at SummerSlam.

        • Monkey D. Luffy

          I would’ve preferred seeing Sheamus and Wade Barrett clash in a unification match, but seeing as though they overly use that match on their weekly programming, it wouldn’t look so great on paper, unless they add a stipulation to the match.

          Sheamus and Barrett have the potential to tear the roof down in their brutal matches, as seen on RAW and SD!

          • Latoya

            So would I!!! I love watching those two go at it, so if they wrestled every week I wouldn’t care. I agree they really could tear the house down with a good stipulation, I just wish they would put more of an actual storyline behind their fights to amp it up even more. At this point the IC and US title has gotten a little increase in attention, but they are all over the place with pushing Barrett and figuring out where to put Sheamus, so they should just unify the titles and hopefully bring the Cruiserweight or Hardcore title to give the other midcard players like Cody, Gabriel, Tyson and Evan(if he ever comes back) some tv time.

          • Monkey D. Luffy

            both wrestlers are really good friends with William Regal, so maybe if they had a match for the unification of both titles to declare who is the greater champion with Regal being the special guest referee. Maybe even replace the U.S with the european title i dunno i’m just throwing in ideas.

            I really think the U.S title is just useless and nothing more than the lowest title you can grab at this point.

            however, the company should have 3 major titles for the men’ division, that being, the WWE title, the WHC title, and the I.C title, all three have great history and if put on the correct talent, can once again increase the credibility of those championships.

            Maybe have Flair return and talk about the I.C title and how much it means to him and have a MITB Ladder match for it.

            Split the 2 titles into the WWE & WHC title and with that, split the freaking brands completely so you can have exclusive talents in each brand. (the only way i see this happening, is if SD! moved to Thursday Nights or went live)

      • jmull

        Cesaro needs Heyman right now, and the Heyman guy vs Heyman guy is old.

        • Monkey D. Luffy

          Well Brock did want to become WWEWHC, and seeing Cesaro with the strap is gonna piss him off, no matter how much Heyman convinces Lesnar to relax, he won’t be able to, we could see Heyman turn on Lesnar, they could even add Heyman as the special guest ref. to add to the intensity of the match.

          I don’t see Cesaro in any other potential feud that would make for good storyline from now till SummerSlam time

          • jmull

            I guess Lesnar could turn on Heyman, but he needs Heyman too; not only because he sucks on the mic but also because Heyman keeps him relevant when he is gone 80% of the time.

          • Monkey D. Luffy

            how often does Lesnar appear on TV?

            Cesaro, being a full-time competitor, and a rising star is in more need of Heyman as a mouth piece until he develops his own mic. skills (if that time ever comes).

          • jmull

            That’s the point — Lesnar is rarely there, but WWE uses Heyman talking about him to keep him relevant while he is away.

    • Necro

      I don’t like it, would make an irrelevant MiTB ladder match then. Give the briefcase to someone who will actually have a run and not just lose the match like Damien Sandow.

    • Mario Cardone

      Not putting the idea down, but its a repeat of last years summerslam almost. bryan wins, hhh gets in the way, orton keeps title.

  • Willey

    it would be dumb if they don’t add an actual MITB match, because then there would be no MITB match at a PPV named MITB

  • theripperdannyb

    I hope they do, and dont just throw the cash in match out at Summerslam again, I like the guy that hold on a little while, makes the actual cash in important. Besides, I’m still clamouring for a Mania cash in, it has to happen at some point!

  • Jason

    they have 3 weeks to pick out the names for the second MITB ladder match. Or since the 1 ladder match has 7, the 1 who wins gets the belts and the remaining 6 re-enter the second for the breifcase later that night

  • Wrestling_fan

    Please put Ziggler, Barrett & Cody in this one. Evan Sandow; would be the best way to start his push once more (that is, if WWE wants that).

    • jmull

      I agree, but they probably won’t take Sandow from being Fandango’s fucking backup ribbon dancer (where he still got the bigger pops) to putting him in the MITB match.

      • Wrestling_fan

        Yeah, I know. Just wishful thinking.
        The dancer gimmick was just pathetic. I doubt after this, he can ever become a legit heel main eventer, something he always had the capability of. At best, I guess, he can go back to competing for IC/US titles.
        I wonder whom did he piss off?! Wasn’t he supposed to be one of “triple H’s projects”? #smh

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    is there not a frikkin I.C Title MITB ladder match?!?

  • Latoya

    So far the only winner that would make sense and keep things exciting would be Cesaro. They REALLY need to do a second MITB match, without it the showroom would be ruined and you need someone walking around with the case to keep the suspense going. Just have a # 1 contenders match for the IC to t or if have Barrett work two matches, after the last year he’s had that would be a great thing.

    • jmull

      Cesaro needs to be in a good program for the title, it would make him more legit. A spontaneous win would hurt him, IMO.

      • Latoya

        Idk, I think he could go either way because of the current heat and he already is legit. But we will see who else they add to the match.

  • Mario Cardone

    Fans love surprises, especially in todays era because we already know whats going to happen, besides the rumble (potentially) the MITB briefcase is one of the last few remaining surprises we have left, and if they don’t do it this year, ugh…just..ugh.. Some of the best moments of the last however many years the MITB was involved were created from not only those matches but cashing in itself.

    • jmull

      Absolutely. And the person who gets to carry it around gets a major rub. . . it’s like carrying a title belt.