Latest On Possible Plans For Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins, Batista’s WWE Return, Crime Time

Published On 06/26/2014 | By Staff | News

– There was talk this past week of doing Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins at the July 20th Battleground pay-per-view.

– Batista told fans at a Wizard World appearance in Philadelphia last weekend that he will definitely be back to WWE after the release of Guardians of the Galaxy so he should be back in August or September. It was reported when he left that he’d be back in time for SummerSlam.

– Shad Gaspard and JTG’s first announced appearance as Crime Time has been confirmed for the September 20th Legends of the Ring convention in Monroe, New Jersey.

(Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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  • Jason

    For,.the Money in the bank Brief case….. since its highly likely that one of them will get it. which would be ambrose… since he would shove it in the face of seth rollins and his “enemy for life” triple h….

    • Monkey D. Luffy

      I doubt either of them will get it. Ambrose doesn’t care about the briefcase as much as pounding in Rollins’ face. So i can see their feud continuing without either man winning the briefcase.

      • Jason

        just like ambrose says, if he wasnt in the match he will be in it anyway climb the ladder grab that briefcase and pone it. or be in the match get the briefcase so he can shove it in seth rollin’ face and become the new wwe world heavyweight champion when he cashes in so he can shove it in Triple H’s face. since now he is an enemy for life he’ll get that satisfaction

      • codys moustache

        Who gets it if neither of them do?

    • codys moustache

      If wwe are pulling the trigger on ambrose like they did on austin back in 97 then expect Ambrose to get the briefcase possibly being screwed out of a match for the contract at battleground. Either that or Rollins wins and Ambrose is an ongoing problem for Rollins.
      Whichever idea is better business. My suggestion is going with the first idea and have Ambrose hold the briefcase until reigns wins it at mania. They could have Ambrose turn heel then and steal reigns moment at mania or save it till a later date, either way that to me is “money”
      BOOK IT!

      • Jason

        I doubt reigns is going to win it anytime soon. Personally i would prefer Bray Wyatt win it before anyone. Because i really don’t want wwe to drop the ball on this character like they did with Ryback.

        • codys moustache

          I for one am glad they dropped the ball on ryback

          • Jason

            granted he did have some sloppy moments in the ring. But who doesnt? personally i feel that Ryback should go to NXT and than be repackaged.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Since it looks like Cena will be winning the WWEWHC title, i suppose a Heel would be winning the MITB briefcase, unless of course.. Cena turns H-.. fuck it -.-“

    • codys moustache

      Once wwe have new top two merch seller expect a cena heel turn. Until then we all suffer

  • arlowoodenhead

    I’d like to see Rollins win the belt and Reigns win the MITB contract. Then Roman cashes it in and the Shield get back together after Rollins lies down and turns on HHH and reveals he was just an undercover agent for his brothers.

    • matthewgarriet

      thats backwards Reigns is in the title match and Rollins is in the Contract Match