Latest On Ricardo Rodriguez Violating WWE’s Talent Wellness Program

There is no official word yet on what Ricardo Rodriguez was suspended for but there’s online rumors that he had been taking fat burners.

Independent wrestler Leva Bates, who is a good friend of Ricardo’s, made a post this morning about him being suspended for using fat burners. Her post was quickly deleted.

Another indy wrestler, JD Maverick, made a reference to fat burners in a Facebook post he made:

“So weird that some WWE Superstars get arrested for DUI’s, pot, and other illegal activity AND don’t get suspended…yet fat burners from GNC get you 30 days? GTFO.”

  • Kensei Abbot

    Wow. We all now Ricardo got the moves, I think he’s just trying to get more ring time.

  • WWE Fan

    Nice message to show kids who watch the WWE. You too can smoke dope, drink and drive, pump steroids, or do other illegal things and it’s okay, BUT do NOT use things to lose weight or we will suspend you! Nice job morons.

  • Kevin Scoggins

    true, fair is fair, so why is it j.s. canget away with dui & pot probs, and rico used legal fat-burners and he pays, how is this ? come wwe get ur head out of your ass and get it togther or you will start losing viewers for not bad shows but bad and unfair treatment to employees, or is it the issue of racsicm and nationality

  • patrina fontenette

    Some of them have ingredients by another name not the trade name that will give you the same results. You have to check each listed ingredient to see if a substance that is prohibited.I am sorry that has occurred.Try all natural products they are healthy for for system. along with weight training and intervals training, Healthy balance diet, healthy fats you can achieve a healthy frame. Its took years to put it on, and it takes time effective workout with healthy eating habits to accomplish weight loss. No easy way to do it.You can always go liposuction and ultra lasers that remove it thru lymphatic system faster. But its a lifestyle change. I am sorry that you were mislead. Always do research first then see your doctor. Luv Ya See you soon

  • Luke

    If this is really the reason, then it’s a lousy call to suspend him, especially when Swagger got off light after a DUI!

  • SushiDance

    They should have suspended Swagger too