Latest On Samoa Joe Leaving TNA Impact Wrestling

– As reported, Samoa Joe announced on Twitter today that he has left the company.

The departure is legitimate and the split was described as “amicable,” PWInsider reports.

TNA’s John Gaburick also tweeted:

Velvet Sky replied to Joe’s via Twitter:

  • Nikki’s Wedding Planner

    I never get happy hearing anyone leaves TNA . They always resign & go back most of the time . So don’t even start WWE/Joe speculations.

    • ConsoleGaminglololol

      You know they will, they hate every TNA wrestler until they appear on WWE & when a guy they liked in WWE appears in TNA, they shit on them,LOL the hypocricy in the IWC

    • Kyle

      Joe could make a nice addition to them ROH roster. Joe/ACH would be a fun little match.

  • RReigns15 #OneVsALL #HEELRoman

    The BDC is now temporarily ruined! But screw it, Joe to WWE please!