Latest On Scott Hall & WWE Hall Of Fame, WrestleMania Tickets, WWE Network & Apple TV

– Scott Hall is indeed on the list for the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports. Regarding speculation that Diamond Dallas Page may be inducted with Hall and Jake Roberts, he is reportedly not on the list.

– WrestleMania XXX isn’t sold out just yet but there are 9,916 of the 55,000+ ticket holders who have their seats up for sale on Stubhub, so they were buying them for investment purposes. Nosebleed seats are going for $46.90 and you can still get two front row seats for $13,300 each.

– One of the reasons WWE may not be pushing Apple TV clearance for the WWE Network that hard is because Apple TV is going to take a 50% cut of all orders. Similar streaming services like Xbox or Roku are closer to 30%

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Dennis Matthew Otto Luker

    So if you got an apple tv and You want to watch the WWE Network on your tv just wirelessly stream from your computer to the apple tv. Problem solved