Latest On Steve Austin Wrestling At WrestleMania 30, The Undertaker’s Status, Batista-WWE

– WrestleMania XXX would mark 11 years since “Stone Cold” Steve Austin last wrestled a match. WWE has interest in Austin working the event, if he wants to work it and can get medically cleared. There has been an idea discussed where Austin would be representing Vince McMahon in a match against Triple H with the control of WWE at stake.

– The Undertaker will not be at SummerSlam as he is currently recovering from shoulder surgery. It’s doubtful he will be back until his usual pre-WrestleMania return. Undertaker’s shoulder issues are said to be pretty bad at this stage of the game.

– Batista is not returning to WWE any time soon and if he did, it would be in early 2014 for WrestleMania season. One person close to Batista said that he is not going to return at all if he has anything going on for early 2014 regarding new movies, because that’s his line of work and priority now.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Luke

    Triple-H vs Austin would GUARANTEE me buying WrestleMania PPV next year

  • Becky

    Seriously??? So many fans are clamoring for a Punk vs Austin match. Even they want it. Why have him face Triple H? It’s a waste

  • Tom

    Who wants to see Austin vs Triple H? Retire Triple H, you’re finished. The match we want is Punk vs Austin. Why would Austin represent his enemy(McMahon). It would be such a waste and would highlight Triple H’s ego.

    • Triple H is an old fart

      If Austin comes back and Triple H puts himself in the main event(again),
      I am so fucking done,only match I give a damn about if Austin comes back is him and Punk(<3),if he returns and that happens,
      bai bai WWE.

  • Paul

    Ooh, Stone Cold v Trips? That’s awesome! Oh wait, let me turn my calendar page from 1998

  • Medusa

    I don’t want to see HHH vs. Stone Cold. Trips seems to still think its all about him. I would however like to see Stone Cold return to face Punk.

  • Damrez

    I think a better idea would be having Austin Represent McMahon, Then Triple H would call upon Punk to represent him in the match. Making it like the battle of the 2 eras, Austin “puts over” Punk and kind of makes that final statement of transitioning out of the McMahon era.

  • BD

    The only person Austin should face at Mania is CM Punk. Triple H is old news

  • Trey

    You are really ignorant, if you’re really expected to see Austin wrestle. Are you guys aware that he is has a bad neck?

  • Insane Chick

    Triple H is not old news.The reason he doesn’t wrestle is because he doesn’t want to he said it many times so if he wrestle Stone Cold or someone its because Vince made him .It’s funny how people talk when they don’t have idea what they are talking about.He said he stays backstage to give chance to the young wrestlers and the fact he wrestle one-twice a years proves that is true .In my opinion he have 2 -3 years and even more before he retires for real but it’s up to him.I would like to see Stone cold vs him it will be a great match