Latest On Sting Possibly Heading To WWE, Update On Original Sin Cara, John Cena Double Booked

– WWE officials have reportedly believed for months that Sting was coming in this year and it’s been talked about even more like it’s going to happen recently.

– The original Sin Cara is being advertised for a Baja Stars Wrestling event on March 1st in Tijuana, which would be after his WWE contract expires, but his brother says that booking is not legit. Cara did confirm himself that he will be wrestling at the 1 year anniversary celebration of his Sin Cara Gym in Mexico City on February 1st. Once he’s done with WWE, he is expected to end up with AAA since CMLL has its own Mistico character and he left on bad terms.

– John Cena is being advertised for a WWE live event in Wichita and one in Orlando on the same night, February 1st. With both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan booked for the Wichita show, Cena will likely end up in Orlando since he’s scheduled for the rest of the Florida events that weekend.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Jason


  • Medusa

    They say this every year, so not getting my hopes up

    • Mario Cardone

      It’s like being a fan of a sports team, you believe every year they might finally win a championship, and then nope = damn WWE is always the losing team

      • bengalsmarvel

        Last i checked the WWE was THE winning team in the wrestling business! Haha

        • Mario Cardone

          haha yeah, I meant more like within themselves. I feel they can be doing a better job since every monday I just skip through nearly the entire show.

  • Nick Mancuso

    But the real question everyone wants to know is… If he signs with WWE….Will Sting wrestle in a t-shirt????

  • bengalsmarvel

    If TNA has any sense left they will bring Sting back to help keep people coming to their shows how many people can they lose before they just give up

  • jrock2310

    Has anyone even glanced at TNA recently??? If u haven’t, let me fill u in… You’re not getting anything for the money they’ll have to pay him for the to jump to WWE. For years WWE/Sting never pulled the trigger… Why now? Why now when he has nothing left? His matches in TNA are atrocious. Besides, if he goes, he’s on doing it for the money. He said years ago the reason he didn’t join the WWE was because he was afraid of how WWE would use him….Cut to present…. Where he is jobbing to every tom, dick, & harry in the promotion. In short: Sting would only be in it for a money grab. And WWE has said for years that they’re only interested in looking towards the future, not to the past. Doing this deal now just doesn’t make sense. 10 years ago, it may have made sense… but now, it just looks bad or both sides. For WWE it would look like they need sting, when they don’t. For sting, (& those fans who are happy he never “sold out”), could happily retire as the guy who never “sold out”. Although, in reality, it would just be sting buying in. And to the fans and those who loved WCW & stings loyalty… It could hurt him in that area. There’s just not much to gain from either side, IMO.

    • Pedro

      You really have a good point mam