Latest On Tamina Snuka’s Knee Injury & Return, Jim Ross Still Hospitalized, WWE Stock

– As reported, Tamina Snuka has knee surgery this week. Word is that it was major surgery and she’s expected out of action approximately six months. It’s said that the injury did happen in a match and the last one she wrestled was against Paige.

– Jim Ross tweeted the following update after being hospitalized last night:

– WWE stock closed at $11.18 per share today, even with the day before. Today’s high was $11.26 per share and the low was $11.01.

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  • Jacob Cass

    Oh no, this leaves the Diva’s division without a powerhouse! I liked watching her matches.

  • cj

    Tamina down for 6 months , AJ out until no one knows when . Paige has no real competition. Natalya , Emma , & Naomi would be great opponents but they’re all faces as well. I’m loving Alicia’s new character but they’ve seemed to drop the angle with Paige, Aksans is just there lol , as is Rosa , Layla is stuck with Fandango, only choice they really have if AJ doesn’t come back anytime is Summer vs Paige at this point. Or turn Natalya heel like they were teasing. But idk, the division is becoming stale again.

    • Jam

      They should turn Nikki heel. Idk, she looked like she was being one on that episode of Raw where they showed the Total Divas footage about Natalya’s painting. Either that or face vs face wouldn’t be bad. I’d love to see Emma vs Paige for the Divas title this time. I loved their NXT bouts. If it were to happen, I hope they don’t give Emma that stupid PG cobra sock.

      • cj

        You’re right. Nikki as a heel wouldn’t be bad. She has the attitude as does for it as does Natalya. With Brie I’m the Bryan/Stephanie story line & the fact the The Bella Twins aren’t even identical anymore, a Bella Twin split needs to happen. I’d love to see Emma vs Paige in a feud on the main roster , but Emma needs to drop Santino & the cobra. I’m hoping somewhere down the line we get Aj vs Paige in submission match after a long feud. Hell I’m just hoping Aj comes back at all at this point.