Latest On TNA vs. WWE Lawsuit, Conference Set For Monday; Details

WWE filed a motion Thursday in Nashville requesting a conference on Monday to discuss several issues about the lawsuit that TNA filed against them last week. The court agreed and the conference will take place this Monday in Nashville at 1:30pm.

WWE stated that even though the court has allowed a Temporary Restraining Order and expedited discovered, WWE and TNA have both been unable to agree to the order, location and dates for the depositions. WWE also said that John Laurinaitis, who is scheduled to be deposed, is scheduled for “previously advertised and committed television appearances” in the United States and Spain next week and on June 11, the date of the temporary injunction hearing.

WWE said that they were concerned “they will be unable to adequately prepare” for the June 11 hearing and will not be able to follow the expedited Discovery Order “without considerable inconvenience and expense” due to the deadlines that were set.

Former WWE and TNA employee Brian Wittenstein, who is also being sued, hasn’t responded to the court or has yet to have anyone file paperwork saying they will defend him. Long-time WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt has filed paperwork to represent WWE.

(Source: PWInsider)