More On TNA-WWE Lawsuit; Internal Reports On Brian Wittenstein

People who work in the WWE offices report that Brian Wittenstein was very open about his knowledge of TNA while working for WWE. Someone in WWE finally realized that Wittenstein could be hurting them with what he was doing and he was fired, according to PWInsider. Wittenstein didn’t even make it out of his probationary period as he was fired before 90 days were up.

Wittenstein worked in the New York independent scene before getting a job with TNA and later WWE. People in both companies say that he talked too much, had a big mouth and didn’t know his place.

After WWE fired Wittenstein, the company wanted to protect themselves so they approached TNA with the information they knew.

With the feeling that Ric Flair was giving them trouble because he wanted out of his deal to return to WWE, TNA put the two situations together and felt like they had the right to file suit against WWE.

As noted before, the feeling within WWE is that they are being sued by TNA for doing the right thing.